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Globe apartments, Adelaide

This is another of the early large format  urban  photos that I did  whilst we were living in the CBD of Adelaide. It  was made around the same time ( 2013-14) as this one,  and it was from the same Rundle St car Park in Adelaide's east end  as this photo.  I spent a lot of time looking at the city's  urban textures  from the top floors of various car parks.  

 The photo  was made using colour negative film  (Portra 160 ASA),  but I converted it to black and white in Lightroom.  I wasn't photographing in black and white  then. 

At the time I  was interested in the new architecture emerging out of the old. A  provincial city in transition was the idea that informed the urban large format and I had a sense that I could photograph  urban history in the architecture. 

Some of those 19th century buildings in the photo,  such as the Gerard and Goodman building,  have  since been demolished to be replaced by apartment towers. The CBD has changed a lot in the last decade with the 19th century city  slowly  disappearing. 

I'd only just started making large format urban photos then we left the CBD for the coast  I have thought  returning  to this site and re-photographing the changes,  now that I have figured out how to do large format photography in the CBD whilst  living on the coast in  Victor Harbor. However, this  may no longer  be possible as   I have a vague memory that the open edge  of the Rundle St car park, which  allowed me to use a large format monorail camera,  has since been closed off with wire netting for safety reasons.  I'll need to check.